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Bicycle Insurance

We’ve got you covered with our own Assetsure bicycle insurance policy offering comprehensive insurance designed to be flexible to suit your personal needs and as it’s from Assetsure you can be assured that your policy will be backed up by our quality service. Cover is underwritten at Lloyd’s of London. Whether it’s for pleasure, commuting or competition choosing a policy from Assetsure will keep both you and your cycle covered


Lloyd's of London coverholders icon-thin-chevron-down

We hold prestigious Lloyd’s of London cover holder status where most of our policies are underwritten. We also place business with major UK insurers


Accidental Damage & Theft Included icon-thin-chevron-down

The two “must have” covers are both included in our policy. Loss of your cycle by “Theft” is provided at, and away from your home.


Legal Expenses - Included icon-thin-chevron-down

We provide £100,000 of cover. This is essential for persons using their cycle on busy roads and can help with making a claim for injury or damages against a third party.


Replacement Cycle Hire - Included icon-thin-chevron-down

Ideal if you need your cycle to travel to work or to take part in an event such as Cyclo-Cross or a Triathlon and your own cycle is unavailable following theft or damage.


Accessories, Helmets & Clothing - Included icon-thin-chevron-down

Inclusive insurance for your cycle accessories or specialist helmets & clothing. You can increase the sum insured limits if required


Public Liability - Optional icon-thin-chevron-down

Protects you against claims from a third party which could include; a pedestrian, another cyclist or a motorist. Choose from either £1 million or £2 million cover


Personal Accident - Optional icon-thin-chevron-down

Provides you with a capital sum if you are involved in a serious accident whilst using your cycle. You can choose a level of cover to suit your needs.


European Use - Optional icon-thin-chevron-down

For a small additional premium, you can extend your policy to cover you for up to 45 days use in the European Union.


Competition Use - Optional icon-thin-chevron-down

You can extend your policy to include cover whilst using your cycle to take part in competitions such as cyclo-cross or triathlons

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Your Questions Answered

What if I’m not happy with my policy? icon-thin-chevron-down

You are entitled to cancel your insurance within 30 days* of either the date you receive your policy of insurance or the start of the period of Insurance, whichever is the later, and receive a full premium refund. If you cancel after this date, we will refund any premium paid for the remaining period of Insurance providing that you have not made a claim during the current period of Insurance.
* Some of our policies have a 14 day rather than 30 day cooling off period

What’s the maximum value of cycle you will accept? icon-thin-chevron-down

Online we can insure a cycle of up to £12,500 depending on your circumstances and up to £15,000 for a combination of cycles. We will consider higher amounts but you will have to call our office on 0208 0033 190 to discuss

Can I insure more than 1 cycle? icon-thin-chevron-down

Yes, online we can insure up to 5 cycles, we will consider more but you will need to call our office on 0208 0033 190.

Do you insure professional cyclists? icon-thin-chevron-down

No, we see ourselves as an insurer of “Keen amateurs”riding for pleasure. We do however offer an extension for persons wanting to take part in competitions providing of course they are not taking part as a professional rider.

Do I have to provide you with my cycle serial number? icon-thin-chevron-down

No, although we think it is a good idea if you do so.

You should be aware that if you need to make a claim, we will require you to provide us with documentation or other evidence which clearly demonstrates ownership of the property and helps substantiate your claim, for example: original purchase receipts, bank or credit card statements, instruction booklets, photographs, the remains of the Approved Lock and/or the keys.

We will only ask for information relevant to your claim and we will pay for any reasonable expenses you incur in providing us with this information.

Yes, cover is provided up to £100,000 but please be aware, the insurers will want to appoint a legal advisor of their choice and there must be a reasonable prospect of success.

Can I use my cycle abroad? icon-thin-chevron-down

Yes you can purchase the European extension and use your cycle in the European Union for up to 45 days in any one period of insurance. For the purpose of our insurance we also include Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Monaco, Madeira, Gibraltar and Andorra.

If you want us to consider a longer period or you intend to travel further afield, give us a call on 0208 0033 190 and we’ll see what we can do.

Can I use my cycle for business purposes ? icon-thin-chevron-down

No - We cannot cover cycles used for any trade or business purposes.

How much should I insure my cycle for? icon-thin-chevron-down

It is very important to make sure your sum insured is accurate to ensure that we are able to replace your cycle. When new models are released, they often increase in price and thus you should check your sum insured annually to make sure they are adequate.

If you are in any doubt as to the new replacement cost, please consult your cycle dealer.

You should insure your cycle/components for their replacement cost as new, ignoring any discount you may have received as a "special offer" from the retailer or place of purchase.

Please read the following on how we will settle cycle claims.

We will repair, replace or pay for any lost or damaged Cycle, Accessories, and Helmets & Clothing on the following basis:

1. for any standard Cycle, Accessories, Helmets & Clothing the cost of repair or replacement as new;

2. for any discontinued Cycle, Accessories, Helmets & Clothing, the cost of repair or replacement with item(s) of a similar type or equivalent specification;

3. for any hybrid or composite Cycle, Accessories, Helmets & Clothing, where the parts have been individually purchased, we will pay the replacement cost of the individual components;

4. where We can repair or replace an item but You request and We agree to a cash settlement, We will only pay what it would cost Us to repair or replace the item through Our preferred suppliers; but in no event will We pay more than the Sums Insured shown in the Schedule or as limited below

Under Insurance

Please note If, at the time of theft or damage, the amount Insured is less than 85% of the value of the Cycle, Accessories, Helmets & Clothing shown in the Schedule amount We pay will be reduced in the same proportion as the under insurance.

How to make a complaint icon-thin-chevron-down

We wish to provide all our customers with an excellent service but if you are unhappy in any way, details of how to make a complaint are contained within your summary of cover/ terms of business agreement and policy document. We sell policies that are arranged by both insurance companies and at Lloyd’s of London. There are different complaint procedures for insurers and Lloyd’s of London

If you are unsure of how to make a complaint, please contact us on

E-Mail: complaints@assetsure.com

Telephone: 0207 305 5601

If your policy has been arranged at Lloyd’s of London and you remain dissatisfied with the response you receive from us, you may if you wish, refer your complaint to Lloyd’s. Lloyd’s will investigate the matter and provide a final response. Lloyd’s contact details are as follows:

Complaints Lloyd’s One Lime Street London EC3M 7HA

Email: complaints@lloyds.com Telephone: +44 (0)20 7327 5693

Fax: +44 (0)20 7327 5225

Website: www.lloyds.com/complaints

Ultimately, should you remain dissatisfied with Lloyd’s final response, you may, if eligible, refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). The Financial Ombudsman Service is an independent service in the UK for settling disputes between consumers and businesses providing financial services.

The FOS’s contact details are as follows: Financial Ombudsman Service Exchange Tower London E14 9SR

Email: complaint.info@financial-ombudsman.org.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)300 123 9 123

Website: www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk

European Online Dispute Resolution Service

We do recommend following the complaints procedure as outlined in your official documentation but If you have purchased any products from us online, or by other electronic means and within the European Union (EU) you may refer your complaint to the EU Online dispute Resolution (ODR) platform. Upon receipt of your complaint the ODR will escalate your complaint to your local dispute resolution service – this process is free and conducted entirely online.

EU on-line dispute resolution service. http://ec.europa.eu/odr.