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HomeJewellery InsurancePrecious Stone InsuranceA new pearl of wisdom for the fashion world; the Kate effect strikes again

A new pearl of wisdom for the fashion world; the Kate effect strikes again

It may not come as much of a surprise to any dedicated follower of fashion, but Kate Middleton’s penchant for pearls is rekindling our love of the precious stone in all its forms.

Kate Middleton is unarguably a force to be reckoned with when it comes to setting trends. These trends are not confined to wedding preferences, but include bags, hairstyles, and now, it seems, jewellery preferences.

After spending years at the back of many a jewellery box, ignored as an outdated accessory more suited to the style of Margaret Thatcher than A-list celebrities, the pearl is making a comeback, thanks in no-small part to the Duchess of Cambridge, among other celebrities who have been embracing the elegant touch that a pearl can bring.

June’s gemstone – the humble pearl – could now be replacing diamonds as the staple of a stylish outfit, thanks to the increasing use of the precious stone in combination with collections from the biggest names in fashion, taken-up by some of the most admired female celebrities. Chanel, Christian Dior, and many other major fashion houses have recently created bold pearl jewellery and accessories that are causing a storm amongst fashion critics.

Perhaps more importantly, the pearl has been somewhat rebranded, giving it an image a world apart from the usual perception of a pearl necklace; Chanel’s new chokers sport pearls the size of a fist, while pearl earrings have been given a particularly edgy makeover, with unconventional, geometric designs sweeping the old yet classic stud under the carpet.

This may be exactly the right time to dust-off your old pearl studs and give them a test-drive with one of your more adventurous outfits. This would also be the perfect time to think about what other classic, timeless jewellery you may have that is not being used to its full potential. It may be easy to overlook the hidden gems of your jewellery collection, but is also easy to make sure that they do not go unprotected. Making sure that all of your jewellery is adequately insured is vital to ensure you don’t realise what a wonderful collection you had only after it is already gone. It is now easier than ever to get comprehensive, professional and cost-effective precious stone insurance. Don’t wait until it is gone to appreciate what wonderful jewellery you have.

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