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Insurance for Jewellery Collection​s

Insurance for Jewellery Collection​s

Our Assetsure Jewellery and Collectibles Insurance policy covers collections of jewellery for persons that cannot obtain cover under a home insurance policy or simply would rather have a specialist stand alone policy. Sometimes because of policy restrictions, particularly when dealing with high value sums insured, it is not possible to insure your jewellery collection with the remainder of your contents and thus an alternative arrangement must be sought most be sought.

The Assetsure Jewellery Collection policy

Our policy which covers jewellery is an entirely stand alone policy offering wide cover on  items of jewellery or collections, we allow you to choose. We have arranged our policy to offer world wide all risks insurance with no excess in the event of a loss and we have no restrictions on the amount of time you  can spend abroad. Our polices are designed for UK citizens only.

What will we cover

Almost any item of jewellery including watches, we will issue a schedule of insurance with full details  of your jewellery insured and you can add and delete items throughout the policy term on a pro-rata basis (once a policy has been set up we have no administration fees and adjustments can be made quickly)

Whilst we prefer to specify most items, for smaller valued items under a £1000.00 we can also provide insurance on unspecified basis if you so require.

Valuations & Quotes

We consider each quote on it’s merits and are used to dealing with high sums insured, you may fill in one of our online forms or alternative telephone our office and we can have a discussion with regard to your requirements.We can normally provide quotations  immediately or in the case, where we have to refer to underwriters, usually the same day We provide full policy documents immediately by email and all policies come with a 30 day cooling off period giving you plenty of time to review the cover.