Jewellery Insurance

Insurance for your Jewellery. From single items to collections, protect your valuables with Assetsure.

At Assetsure, we specialise in providing jewellery insurance. Our highly trained staff have expert knowledge on both our  cover and the valuables they are being asked to insure and we insure all items  both new and vintage including; brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches and every conceivable type of gemstone.

What makes us different?

Unlike many insurers, we are able to offer insurance on a single item basis. So if it’s cover just for your valuable watch or perhaps an engagement ring you are looking for, then we are prepared to offer you a policy without the need to insure the remainder of your home contents. Our specialist policy is unique to Assetsure, you won’t find it on sale anywhere else and it is fully underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.

Who can buy this policy?

Our policy is available to anyone who is normally resident in the United Kingdom and we do allow very generous periods of overseas cover. Often our customers are only looking to insure a single item as it may be too valuable for their home insurance or personal circumstance dictate that a separate policy is preferable.

What type of Jewellery can be insured?

Above we list some of the different types of jewellery; we will consider cover on, either on an individual basis or as a whole collection. We will provide you with a schedule of all items insured and lower valued items can be covered on an “unspecified” basis. If you acquire  additional items throughout your policy term, it’s simple to update your cover and we only make a pro-rata charge with no fees for making the adjustment.

What type of cover is provided?

For full details of our cover, you will need to refer to our policy wording and our summary leaflet. We include the following;

Worldwide All Risks Insurance.
Your items will be covered anywhere in the world, we have no restricted or excluded countries on our list.

Accidental Loss cover included.
Our All Risks cover includes actual physical loss of the item.

Generous Overseas cover.
We don’t mind how many trips abroad you make as long as no one trip is in excess of 60 days in duration

Excess Free
In the event of a claim, we will make no deductions in respect of policy excess.

Cover for single items
You can insure a single item or a collection of items, the choice is yours

Pairs & Sets included

Any claim payment we make will take in to consideration if an item is a part of a pair or set.
When you buy a policy from Assetsure, you are buying peace of mind that your valuable items are fully protected by an insurance policy underwritten at the world’s oldest insurance institution  and by insuring your jewellery separately, you will have the added advanatage of not having to worry about losing your no claims bonus in the event of a  loss.

How to obtain a quotation and cover.

Obtaining a quotation from us is quick and easy and we can normally provide you with insurance on the same day. You may either contact our office by telephone or complete one of our online quote forms, in some cases where the item has been owned for a while and you have not held previous insurance, we may ask you for proof of ownership.

30 days to make up your mind- money back guarantee

All of our jewellery polices come with a 30 days full return of premium offering. Subject to no claim, if you decide no to continue with our cover, we will give you a full refund without deductions

Assetsure business philosophy

Our whole business is built on the philosophy that we strive to offer an excellent service to all of our customers. It’s often difficult to quantify what is or isn’t a good service only that most customers seem to know when they are receiving it. In our book, good service starts by doing the simple things well, we define this by dealing with our customer enquires in a polite and efficient manner, we answer the telephone quickly and all of our staff will offer the same level of service. As a result of our investment in technology, we are able to deliver policy documentation quickly by email and if an alteration has to made, you can expect that to be dealt with quickly and efficiently as well.