Thatched Roofing Costs UK

Guide to Thatched Roofing costs. What to consider

For many being being able to own and live in a thatched building is matter of immense pride. You only have to see the care and attention lavished on this buildings by the owners to realise that the up keep of these wonderful properties is a labour of love. Often they will have have listed status and a certain amount of up keep is required by law, but in the main the amount of care lavished on this special buildings goes way beyond the owners legal requirements.   Thatched properties are very desirable to own and will command a premium when any do come on to the market. It is thus difficult to comprehend that when these properties were originally constructed they were built using cheap locally sourced building materials. It is a testament to the craftsmen of the age that buildings that were were often constructed to house poor farm labourers have stood the test of time and are still standing today and being actively used as homes and holiday homes.

Many people ask the question, why would a prospective purchaser be prepared to pay more money for a building over one of similar size and proportion with a standard slate or tile roof, knowing full well that the up keep of this thatch property could cost them considerably more money in renovation and up keep.  Of course there is the prestige of living in thatched property but there is the cost of re roofing the property to take in to consideration. All roofs, whether they be pitched with slate or tiles, thatch or flat roof, felt on timber will have a lifespan. Whilst you would expect a modern tiled roof to last longer than a new thatch, the difference may not be that much. A good quality Thatch roof is built to last. Ask many experts about the life expectancy of a flat roof and they will say about ten years maximum with inspections every two years to check for damages. A quality Thatch roof should last you considerably longer than this. However, before purchasing a building will a thatch roof, unless you have been lucky of course to acquire a building which has had a relatively modern replacement, it would be prudent to check the costs involved.  Don’t forget about the annual cost of thatched house insurance when calculating the lifetime cost of a thatched roof.

In the long run, you may find calling out a qualified crafts man to your property to be the best option, often on close inspection, it turns out that a whole new roof is not required. In many cases, it is possible to apply a new coat of reeds over the existing thatch roof. This will generate quite a substantial saving but the ability to add a top layer very much depends of what type of Reed you have on the roof.


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