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Expatriate Home Insurance cover for Brits abroad

Expatriate Home Insurance..Welcome to our page detailing our insurance services for Expats. Before we start, perhaps we had better give our definition of what exactly we consider an Ex-pat to be because we have been asked on numerous occasions from people checking if they qualify for our holiday home insurance products. The term Ex pat is a shortened version of the word Expatriate and can be used to describe a person that is either living permanently or temporarily living away from the country of their birth. At Assetsure we deal with British Expatriates, and there are many living and working abroad. Now if we take this one stage further and point out the difference between an Ex pat & an Immigrant, well basically an immigrant tends to adopt the status and culture of the country they move too whereas an Expatriate will always consider the option of returning home if need be. We have no stipulation as to how long you have been abroad or how long you intend to stay there, however are products are not designed for persons that have renounced their UK citizenship and become a foreign national. Please call our office if you are in any doubt.  Expatriate Insurance is not just one form of insurance product, it is a term that can be applied to any number of insurance products that have been designed for Brits living abroad,

Assetsure Expatriate Insurance –we offer Buildings & Contents & All Risks Insurances for UK expatriates who have moved abroad to live.  The product on this page is designed for Expats who now live full time in these countries, if you wish to insure a property that is your Holiday Home you have tenants in the property then please visit our Holiday Home Section.  This knowledge, experience & expertise combines to offer you quality insurance cover at a very good price. Policy documentation is tailored to include “ local covers” and all issues relating to local taxation are taken care of.  You are free to select your sums insured and a premium will be calculated on this basis.

Government statistics show that around 500 Britons leave the United Kingdom each day to either work or live abroad. For many it is the start of a whole new life on a permanent basis for others, it is merely for temporary work opportunities. However, one thing that many forget is medical insurance. Expatriate medical insurance is a specialist sector of the insurance market and one for which, you will need to speak to an advisor to fully understand the cover available.  Many people believe that if they are travelling within an EEC country, they will be entitled to reciprocal health-care and to a certain extent this is correct but not everything will be covered. If you are working or living abroad, expatriate health insurance can give you peace of mind. There are a variety of health insurance policies available, depending on the part of the world you are living in and in some cases, it may even be possible to specify that you want any treatment to be carried out in the United Kingdom. In the first instance, we recommend that you speak to one of our trained advisers, they can go through all of the options for you and provide a quotation and benefit illustration for your perusal.

Assetsure are also pleased to be able holiday insurance for expatriates regardless of what part of the world you are living in. Expatriate travel insurance has always proved difficult to obtain many British expats simply try to contact a UK Travel Insurance company for holiday or Travel insurance not realising that if you take out a policy in the United kingdom, you are expected to start and finish your holiday in the United Kingdom.   In addition we are able to arrange a policy especially for expatriates where you can start your trip in the country of you are residing in. All the usual policy features you would expect from this type of contract are included and we welcome enquiries either from individuals or from groups. We are able to offer quotations quickly and efficiently either on a short term or annual basis.   Assetsure often receives insurance enquires from Expats that fall outside our three main core insurances, expatriate home insurance, medical & health cover and travel or holiday Insurance. In some cases we are able to assist and we will always try to be as helpful as possible. If you are a British Expat with a particular insurance problem, please feel free to give us a call, we will do all we can to help.

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