Tablet Insurance

  • Theft
  • Optional Loss (mobiles and iPads only)
  • Accidental Damage

Tablet Insurance

Tablet Insurance from Assetsure is not currently available

  • Theft
  • Accidental Damage
  • Liquid Damage
  • Breakdown
  • Malicious Damage
  • International Cover
  • 48hr Claim Processing
  • Flexible Payments (annual or monthly)

Tablets are a form of computer, where the entire workings of the device are contained within a slim flat screen. The device is usually finger controlled by touching the screen. There are various types of tablet computer including IPads and Kindle readers.

Why insure your Tablet?
For many people a tablet computer is amongst their most valuable possessions and represents a significant investment and possibly not one that can easily be replaced following damage or theft. A further fundamental problem with the tablet is the fragile design, the flat glass screen is easily damaged and, because of the portability of the device, they are easily dropped. In many cases a broken screen (as well as not be aesthetically pleasing) will result in the tablet rendered unusable.

Tablet Thefts
Vulnerable areas for tablets include hotels, airports and any public place, because of the small size of the device they are easily stolen even if left unattended for even a few moments. Whilst  away from the home represents  considerable opportunity for loss of damage, break-ins- at home still account for a high number of thefts, again because of the portability of the item and high cost of buying one, they are very desirable items to steal. Unlike a conventional laptop computer which will come equipped with a slot to insert a lock, this facility is not included with a tablet and it is almost impossible to secure them, unless of course you have a home safe in which to keep them when not in use or remember to conceal them when you are away from the home.

What Tablet Insurance cover can we provide?
Via our partner Supercover, we can provide a variety of covers, some of them optional to include damage, theft and damage caused by liquid.

Tablet Insurance v Home Insurer.
Whilst it is possible to obtain insurance for a tablet under your home insurance policy, you may find that in the event of a claim you lose your valuable no claims bonus. By having your tablet insured on a separate policy you can protect your no claims bonus. For many people though, the minimum sums insured may be too high under a home insurance policy, particularly if you only have a few items of value that you require cover on. Obtaining a separate policy will help overcome this problem.