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Sports Centre Insurance

Sports Centre Insurance. There are various types of sports centre, ranging from the large municipal ones, to the smaller privately owned and operated outfits, these include, health clubs, gyms, leisure centres, saunas & private swimming pools. One of the main concerns will be insurance for the buildings, frequently, sport centre buildings are large with the corresponding, large rebuilding sum insured. It is important that you have an accurate rebuilding sum insured for your sports centre to ensure that adequate protection is afforded. In helping to calculate the premium required, a full description of the age and construction of the premises will be needed.

Sports Centre Insurance over available

Cover is available for a wide range of perils including accidental damage. Terrorism can usually be purchased as an optional extra. If you have a mortgage or loan secured against the building, then it is usual practice to include the lenders name of the schedule of insurance. If you rent or lease your premises from a landlord, you may find, they will make arrangements for the building insurance, however, it is best not to assume this will be done and enquires should be made to ascertain who is responsible for the arrangement of cover. If the landlord is arranging the building insurance, they may well still require you to effect cover for glass in the building and any signs or advertising material affixed to the property. These items can normally be covered under the general contents section of the policy.

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