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We’ve got you covered with our own Assetsure bicycle insurance policy that offers comprehensive insurance designed to be flexible to suit your personal needs. Using Assetsure you can be assured that your policy will be backed up by our quality service. Cover is underwritten at Lloyd’s of London. Whether it’s for pleasure, commuting or competition, choosing a policy from Assetsure will keep both you and your bicycle covered. Own an electric bike? Read more about our ebike insurance here.

We've got you covered...

Accidental / Malicious Damage

We’ve got you covered if you have an accident or if your bike is damaged on purpose
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Accidental / Malicious Damage

Damage to your cycle following an Accident

Falling off your bike is part and parcel of riding a bicycle and sometimes this can result in more serious damage than a few scrapes and scratches.

Damaged caused by accidents or with third parties or caused maliciously persons is all covered by an Assetsure policy.


Unfortunately, bicycles get stolen, we make sure you are covered if the worse happens.
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Bicycle thefts are common, and a policy from Assetsure will cover you if you are unlucky enough to have your bike stolen.

We will replace your bike on a new for old basis, without deduction for wear and tear, and our in-house claims team can have you back on the road as quickly as possible

Replacement Cycle Hire

Accidents happen, and we'll keep you on the road whilst your cycle is repaired or replaced
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Replacement Cycle Hire

A hire cycle if yours is involved in an accident or stolen

Whether you rely on your bicycle for commuting, don't want to miss a competitive event or simply enjoy every opportunity of riding your bike, we can organise a hiring cycle for you.

We will pay the cost of the hire of an alternative cycle from an approved bike dealer whilst awaiting the repair or replacement of your bicycle when the subject of an approved claim.

Cycle Box Cover

Automatic cover for your Cycle Box
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Cycle Box Cover

Cycle Box Cover comes as standard

We will pay up to £500 in respect of accidental damage to or theft of any Cycle Box which is your own property or for which you are legally responsible, occurring during the period of insurance.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Automatic £100,000 Legal Expensive Insurance
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Legal Expenses Insurance

Cover for Legal fees if you need to claim for injury or damages

If you are unlucky and are involved in an accident with a Third Party you may suffer damages to your bicycle or worse, are injured, our policy automatically includes up to £100,000 for Legal Expenses. A Legal team will be appointed to act on your behalf to help peruse a recovery.

Non Fault Recovery

If an accident isn't your fault we'll help to recover your excess
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Non Fault Recovery

Excess recovery from a Third Party Insurer

If you are involved in an accident with a Third Party and your bicycle is damaged we will endeavour to reclaim any excess for you from the other persons insurer.

To enable us to attempt this, we must be provided with full details of the other party involved such as name address and contact information. We will decide if there is a realistic chance of recovery once in possession of their insurance details.

Why we stand out...

We are a specialist bicycle insurance company that aims to deliver you the insurance cover you need for your bicycle, regardless of the price of your bike. Our bicycle insurance policies are arranged at Lloyd's of London policy, so we are able to offer a wide range of options to provide you with comprehensive cover for your bicycle, no matter the circumstances.

Premium Protection Promise

Premium Protection Promise

When you become a customer of Assetsure, we are hoping for a long term relationship with you. We always provide value for money bicycle insurance cover and in the event of a single claim up to £2500, we won’t load your next year’s premium either.

Pedal Bike insurance claims dealt in house.

Pedal Bike insurance claims dealt in house.

We handle all bicycle claims in-house, which normally means we can get you back cycling as quickly as possible. All of the policies cover with a minimum of £500 cycle hire insurance cover. We have an extensive network of bike dealers that support our product and we are confident, in the event of a claim, we are confident you will be delighted with our service.

Extended 30 day cooling off period

Extended 30 day cooling off period

Most insurances come with a 14 day cooling off period, this is the period whereby you can change your mind and obtain a full refund. Our cooling off period is 30 days, we are that confident that you be pleased with the cover we offer that we are happy to provide this extended period. If you are unsatisfied or simply change your mind (and providing you have not made a claim), simply contact us for a full refund.

Treating you fairly...

We enjoy an excellent rating from Trust pilot, the independent review site. These reviews are genuine expressions of customer satisfaction based on our company ethos of treating all customers fairly and providing an excellent service.

We don’t employ enticing special deals and neither do we charge any administration fees for carrying out mid-term adjustments (over and above) any insurance costs.

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You should insure your cycle for the full Recommended Retail Price.
Please refer to our FAQs below for more information.

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Your Questions Answered

Do you Insure Bicycles used for Business ? icon-thin-chevron-down

Unfortunately, we are unable to insure bicycles used for business purposes. This would include for example, Bicycles used for food delivery.

Can I insure more than one bicycle? icon-thin-chevron-down

Yes, our policy can cover up to 10 cycles on one policy, you can also add additional family members if required.Please note we cannot cover additional riders that are under the age of 14.

When will my cover start? icon-thin-chevron-down

Your cover will start as soon as you pay your premium online, either in one lump sum or by instalments. However please note, cover cannot be backdated and you cannot claim for damage that has already occurred to your cycle.

Will you make a deduction from a claim because of the age of my cycle? icon-thin-chevron-down

We do not make deductions based on the age of any cycle.

You should insure your bicycle for the full recommended retailer’s price of a new replacement cycle, this will help ensure your sum insured is adequate.

Is a pedal bike insurance included in your home insurance quote? icon-thin-chevron-down

Possibly, you should check with your home insurance provider as well as the scope of the cover they are offering. You can then compare the cover on offer with that you can obtain from Assetsure.

What types of cycles can you insure? icon-thin-chevron-down

We can insure all types of Pedal Cycle that are used for pleasure use including, commuting, touring and sportives. We can also supply a competitive use extension if required.

We cannot however cover cycles that are used for business purposes, such as those use to carry goods for delivery or couriers or used as taxis. We also cannot cover professional cyclists.

How much does pedal bike insurance cost? icon-thin-chevron-down

The cost of your policy is dependent on a number of factors such as; the value of your bike, your age and where you live. Obtaining a bike insurance quotation from us is easy, we can usually indicate a premium online with these three simple pieces of information.

Can I pay my bicycle insurance monthly? icon-thin-chevron-down

Yes you can, and this option is available if you buy your policy online. Please be aware though that in the event of a claim, the full annual premium becomes payable.

What if i'm not happy with my cycle policy? icon-thin-chevron-down

We want you to be entirely satisfied with your Assetsure Cycle Insurance policy. We thus provide you with an extended cooling-off period. Most policies will allow a 14 day cooling-off period, we allow 30 days. If you change your mind within this period and you have not made a claim you can apply to us for a full refund of your premium.

Do I have to provide you with my cycle serial number? icon-thin-chevron-down

No, although we think it is a good idea if you do so.

You should be aware that if you need to make a claim, we will require you to provide us with documentation or other evidence which clearly demonstrates ownership of the property and helps substantiate your claim, for example: original purchase receipts, bank or credit card statements, instruction booklets, photographs, the remains of the Approved Lock and/or the keys.

We will only ask for information relevant to your claim and we will pay for any reasonable expenses you incur in providing us with this information.

How much should I insure my cycle for? icon-thin-chevron-down

It is very important to make sure your sum insured is accurate to ensure that we are able to replace your cycle. When new models are released, they often increase in price and thus you should check your sum insured annually to make sure they are adequate.

If you are in any doubt as to the new replacement cost, please consult your cycle dealer.

You should insure your cycle/components for their replacement cost as new, ignoring any discount you may have received as a "special offer" from the retailer or place of purchase.

Please read the following on how we will settle cycle claims.

We will repair, replace or pay for any lost or damaged Cycle, Accessories, and Helmets & Clothing on the following basis:

1. for any standard Cycle, Accessories, Helmets & Clothing the cost of repair or replacement as new;

2. for any discontinued Cycle, Accessories, Helmets & Clothing, the cost of repair or replacement with item(s) of a similar type or equivalent specification;

3. for any hybrid or composite Cycle, Accessories, Helmets & Clothing, where the parts have been individually purchased, we will pay the replacement cost of the individual components;

4. where We can repair or replace an item but You request and We agree to a cash settlement, We will only pay what it would cost Us to repair or replace the item through Our preferred suppliers; but in no event will We pay more than the Sums Insured shown in the Schedule or as limited below

Under Insurance

Please note If, at the time of theft or damage, the amount Insured is less than 85% of the value of the Cycle, Accessories, Helmets & Clothing shown in the Schedule amount We pay will be reduced in the same proportion as the under insurance.