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Bicycle Insurance

Bicycle Insurance from Assetsure

We’ve got you covered with our own Assetsure bicycle insurance policy offering comprehensive insurance designed to be flexible to suit your personal needs and as it’s from Assetsure you can be assured that your policy will be backed up by our quality service. Cover is underwritten at Lloyd’s of London. Whether it’s for pleasure, commuting or competition choosing a policy from Assetsure will keep both you and your cycle covered

The Bicycle cover we offer

Our quotes are provided free of charge and the same day for cycles up to £12,500 in value, we now include with all our policies £100,000 Legal Expenses in case you need help with a claim against a Third Party.

Our standard policy will provide cover for your cycle against accidental damage, collision, malicious damage and theft.  You are free to choose your own cycle sum insured and we also include;

  • Accessories £100.00
  • Helmets & Clothing £100.00
  • Replacement cycle hire £500.00You are able to increase these limits if you so wish.

We include a range of options to our standard cover which include

  • Public Liability Insurance with an indemnity limit of £2,000,000
  • Cover for additional family members
  • Get you home costs
  • Personal Accident
  • Cover for competitive use
  • Overseas cover

We are happy to discus your requirements to build a cycle insurance policy that suits your individual needs thus paying only for the sections of cover you actually need.

Types of Bicycle we insure

We have very few restrictions on the type of cycles we cover; mountain bikes, folding bikes, cyclo-cross, hybrids, hard tails, road & track, tandems, touring or electric, we can offer insurance on them all.
Many customers approach us with “bespoke made up bikes put together either by themselves from component parts or by a cycle shop built  to their exact specification. Our Cycle insurance schedules will record this information so you can be assured your equipment is insured on the correct basis.

Why insure your bike?

There are about one hundred thousand stolen cycles in the United Kingdom each year although, it is estimated that the number stolen may be as much as five times higher than this. Many thefts are opportunist being carried out in and around the home, and it has been known for thieves to target certain property having followed the owner using the bike. Away from the home cycles that are in cars or left chained up for the day are always targets for thieves. Cycling is enjoying a boom time in the United Kingdom at the moment, this raised profile of the sport and with a manufacturer’s name plastered on the frame of your bike, thieves can easily spot the quality makes.

Although theft is a big issue, accidents account for the majority of claims against insurance. Even the most careful rider can be involved in an accident and this can cause damage not only to the cycle itself, but there may be third parties involved as well.  It’s all too easy today to initiate a claim for damages  and if you have injured a member of the public you will be glad that you had some form of liability protection in force. There are a number of options to choose from when looking for cycle insurance, the first is to try your own home insurers as you may have cover  provided as part of  the General Contents section of your policy. However, if you want cover away from the home you will usually need to add on the “All-risks” section of your home policy.
A stand-alone policy such as our Assetsure Cycle policy can  provide you with a higher sum insured that that typically provided by a  standard home insurance where usually a  limit  of  £2000 is the maximum most home policies would pay and away from the home this could be much less. Unlike a home policy, our cover also gives you the option to include additional covers such as ; personal accident, replacement cycle and competition use.

Help with Legal Expenses

Commuter cyclists are probably at greater risk of injury that any other type of bike rider especially if they travel to work in a large town or city. Nobody wants to be injured but alas injuries do occur on a fairly frequent basis and our personal accident  section can provide protection following a more serious incident. If the incident is not your fault we provide a fully underwritten legal expenses policy to help with a claim against a third-party motorist. As this cover is fully underwritten and compensation you receive for injury is made to you without deduction for expenses such as solicitors fees etc.

Cyclist may also face incidental expenses following an accident or loss and for a small premium, you can cover get  you home expenses or cycle hire cover, ideal if you are on a touring holiday and your cycle becomes lost or damaged.

Obtaining an insurance quote for your bicycle quote from Assetsure

Obtaining a quote from us is quick and easy, simply complete the form which can be reached by clicking above or call our office on  0208 0033 190. In most cases, we can provide an immediate quotation and cover. Your policy documents will be emailed to your instantly you buy cover.  For a Bicycle quote online  Please click here